5 ways to make your campaign ‘Unmissable®’

So you’ve decided to run a prize promotion as part of your marketing. Now the tough part – what can you do to ensure your promotion increases brand awareness and audience engagement? Unmissable® is part of the NDL Group, experts in delivering outstanding prize promotions. Here is our checklist to making your next campaign truly ‘Unmissable®’:

  1. The prize must connect your brand to your target audience

Anyone can give away a holiday. By creating a prize that really resonates with your audience, you’ll see redemption levels increase.

Answering a brief to create ‘unforgettable memories’ for a range of target audiences, we put together a selection of Unmissable® Holidays for the 2016 McDonald’s promotion MONOPOLY Prize Choice. McDonald’s were delighted to count over 10.3 million prizes claimed in total.

  1. Support your promotion with a tailor-made experience

Knowing what your audience want is essential to ensuring your promotion gets off to the right start. We are constantly interacting with our community of ‘experience seekers’ to learn what gets their blood pumping. By getting to know what kind of experiences are most popular, we can confidently advise our partners on what will drive the most brand engagement.

  1. Deliver an unforgettable prize

Get the best prizes your budget can buy and deliver them with style. The creative team at Unmissable® uses editorial content as inspiration to create promotions to suit any budgets without compromising the highest standard of service. When it comes to experience-based prizes, we are always looking for ways to add an exclusive element to a prize that will ensure the winner has an unforgettable trip.

  1. Make the most of your winner love

Everyone loves winning, and our dedicated winner management team have the best job telling people they have won a prize! By developing great relationships while booking their prizes, we can also develop user content to extend the reach of your promotion – from prize reviews, to holiday snaps and genuine brand appreciation.

  1. Keep in touch

So you’ve collected all the entries to your prize draw and picked a winner. What next? Remember, these are the people genuinely interested in your brand. We are consistently engaging with our readers who let us know what kind of prizes appeal to them most. We are able to target specific audiences with special offers creating a highly-targeted advertising opportunity for our brand partners.

What can you do next?

Find out more about how Unmissable® and NDL Group can help you run the most successful promotion, staff incentive or brand campaign. Get in touch on 0207428 3090.