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Love oysters? Check out Australia’s freshest Oyster experience

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There’s one thing that every oyster lover agrees on: the fresher the better. How plucking yours out of the sea just seconds before you eat them? There’s no place in the world that can rival the freshness of Freycinet Marine Farm.

You can make your own way to the Marine Farm (it’s a couple of hours from Hobart airport). And this unique oyster experience is a complimentary if you’re staying at the nearby Saffire Freycnit resort, even if it’s just two of you.

Having had a bit of a look around, we would rather enjoy a stay here even without the oysters. For starters, the resort looks like a massive sting ray. Consequently we have suddenly become very interested in other sea creature architecture!

Freycinet National Park is famous for its Great Oyster Bay. And it doesn’t get its name for nothing! If you love a bit of shucking, this is the place to go!

Freycinet Marine Farm grows oysters across 150 acres. They also do a good line in scallops, mussels (exclusive to Saffire’s restaurant) and take full advantage of their lobster season from December to May.

You’ll need to don a pair of waders for this oyster experience. Not the most glamorous way to dress for dinner, but it’s worth it. You’ll wade out to your dining table (and how we love that it’s got a white linen table cloth). Alongside your oysters, you’ll be presented with an array of sparkling wine and champagnes to try as you shuck. You might be in the middle of an estuary, but you’re going to have a top-notch food and drink experience.

From the sea straight onto your plate in seconds, this is an Unmissable breakfast that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

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Freycinet, Tazmania. Fly to Hobart and make your way from there.


They’re open all year except for Christmas day.

What you need to know:

Experience this food tour when you stay at Saffire Freycnit. Otherwise, you’ll need to get a group of willing oyster eaters together. (Team Unmissable will gladly offer our services.)

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