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Got a bit of a thing for speed and classic cars? Want to head out onto the open road? Or perhaps a 2000-mile road trip is more your style. Here are the very best driving experiences around the world.

A driving tour of Rome

Take to the Roman road in a super cute Fiat 500 and see in the most incredible sites that the city has to offer. Handily, the Colosseum is effectively on a really big roundabout now. And these tiny cars are perfect for nipping about in. Now that we think about it, a mini cooper tour of London sounds pretty great, too.

Drive Porsches on Ice in Sweden

What could be more fun than driving around a frozen lake in Sweden? Doing it in a classic Porsche 911, of course. And with an excellent team of championship winning rally drivers on hand to show off their skills and teach you a thing or two, that’s what.

Transfăgărășan Highway in Romania

Is it weird to have a favourite road? We have one. The Transfăgărășan Highway in Romania is a whopping 150km of terrifying hairpin bends. The road is only open between June and October, otherwise it’s too icy to even think about going for a spin.

Fraser Island in Australia

There are no roads on Fraser Island, all of the tracks are soft sand. So you’re not allowed to drive a conventional car. Instead, only 4x4s are allowed. And then it’s just you, some excellent driving music and a 75 mile beach to play on. Well at least during low tide, after that you’re probably better of playing on the tracks further inland.

Lamborghinis on ice in Finland

Take to the ice in Finland with four-time World Rally Champion, Juha Kankkunen. You’ll whizz a rally car through a Finnish forest at top speeds. And there’s even an opportunity to drive passenger-side with the man himself.

Goodwood in Sussex

Whether you go for the classic car revival in September or opt for a track day of your own, Goodwood in Sussex is the best place to visit in the UK for any driving enthusiast.

Route 66 in America

It runs from Chicago to California and it’s probably not even the best road to drive in America. But it’s undoubtedly the most famous road of all time. It’s two thousands miles long and it’s the dream destination for a classic road trip. But make sure you get a soft top and some rock music, naturally.

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While we love driving, if it’s not really your forte, don’t fret – there are tours to take you there. But why would you sit on the bus if you can feel the gas pedals beneath your foot and the wind in your hair?

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