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Sleep in a bubble in France

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Here at Unmissable HQ, we love a night under canvas. And we’ve fallen hard for Attrap’Rêves. We love their brilliant clear camping domes replete with proper furniture, lights and uninterrupted views. Here is the proof that sometimes living in a bubble can be a very good thing. This is camping-meets-snow-globe-meets-boutique hotel.

Attrap’Rêves’ raison d’être is giving the world a chance to spend the night inside a bubble. They have bubblevilles across southeast France. The signature clear-plastic domes allow inhabitants to experience their surroundings without those pesky walls getting in the way.

The bubbles come in five varieties. First, there is the Chic & Design bubble; kitted out with contemporary furniture and a concealed bottom-half for a bit more privacy. Then there is the 1001 Nights, a tinted, modern bubble. Love Nature and Zen is a perfectly clear bubble that let you feel like you’re sleeping outdoors, without the cold/bugs/camp-bed-induced insomnia that brings. Finally, there’s Glamour; an unashamedly romance-themed tinted bubble, complete with love hearts and plenty of red furnishings.

Each bubble has a comfortable double bed, table and chairs. And of course, you can admire the Milky Way from a supine position with your own telescope and star chart. There’s a private shower and loo for each dome, as well as lights and electricity. The main building at each site provides hot meals. But we love the idea of a dome picnic! Cheese, wine, stars, nature: sounds pretty perfect.

Worried that the fully-clear domes are a bit too reminiscent of a fish tank? Will you feel like you’re permanently on display for other guests? Don’t worry – each bubble is set in its own secluded clearing, up a private path and (usually) surrounded by trees. And if you book into one in the winter months, you might be lucky enough to wake up to a canopy of snow shielding you from prying eyes. It’ll be like being in your very own snow globe! Minus the frantic shaking, hopefully.

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Attrap’Rêves’ bubble has rooms in five locations in southeast France: Allauch, Forcalquier, La Bouilladisse, Montagnac Montpezat, and Puget-Ville.


You can visit any time. But if you come in the winter, you might wake up to a blanket of snow covering your bubble.

What you need to know:

Once you’ve chosen the kind of bubble you’d prefer and in which location, all you have to do is show up and enjoy your surroundings. Just don’t forget your dressing gown and an eye mask. Unless you want to be woken at first light.

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