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Whales love to play in Mexico too

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Cabo is one of the most beautiful and sought-after tropical destinations in the world during winter. And not just for us humans that crave warm water and sun, female Humpback whales spend November to April in the gorgeous waters off the tip of the Baja California Peninsula.

But unlike us, they aren’t working on their tan and sipping daiquiris. Instead they spend their winters near the coastline breeding. An important process, given that many populations of humpback whales have just been removed from a long stint on the endangered species list.

So honestly, what a time to see these incredible and resilient creatures up close. And Cabo is the absolute perfect place. Humpbacks are the most commonly encountered species during the winter months. Boats can get close to the whales, if the regulations are followed to ensure the creatures are not impacted by our ecotourism.

One of the main operators in the area Whale Watching Cabo is incredibly conservation-minded not only during their tours but also in helping with conservation practices in the area. Practices that will help these whales stay off the endangered species list.

Humpback Whales are a highly migratory species, so going at the right time is important. Since the population in this area is highest in late December and January this is the absolute best time to go. This is when both male and female whales inhabit the tropical waters. At this time of year, it is also common to see Grey Whales as they arrive on their migration route.

Other species of whale that populate these tropical waters are Blue, Fin, Sperm and Bryde’s. Wowever, catching a glimpse of these are not nearly as common. But it’s not just whales you could encounter, despite the name of the tour. Several species of dolphins, including Orcas, are known to be cruising around the Sea of Cortez and Pacific Ocean.

Okay, you’re convinced. You want to see some whales. And you want to see them in Cabo. Well, between your nights on the town and days on the beach, you can hop on one of several tours with Whale Watching Cabo. You can choose from 2.5 hour tours, a private tour to a full day expedition which includes a scenic flight. So you do have choices but on each and every one is a naturalist guide. Along with an extremely knowledgeable about this area and its sea life, is a marine hydrophone. Use this to listen to the unique songs of the whales and dolphins you meet. And lastly, there are free tour pics which can help spruce up your Instagram.

There are not many things in the world more magical than witnessing a whale breaching. Or encountering incredible animals in their natural habitat in a way that doesn’t negatively impact them. I don’t want to be too dramatic, but the phrase ‘life changing’ has crossed the lips of those who have seen it. And picture all this in the gorgeous climate and breathtaking beauty of Mexico.

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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


The season is short...only a month! So head down between December and January!

What you need to know:

Some tours also come with a whale sighting guarantee… If you don’t see a whale, which is rare in the winter season, you can come back again for free.

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