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Take in the desert stars on a camel trek through the Sahara

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Lately we’re had a few sleepless nights. Maybe it’s the fire trucks screaming past the windows or maybe it’s the streetlights peeking through the blinds. Whatever it is, we have been longing for the surreal feeling of laying under millions of stars in the Saharan desert. If you’ve ever felt the same, then this Wild Morocco Sahara Desert trek is just the ticket!

You decide how far you trek! Depending on how adventurous you’re feeling and whether you’re short on time. The Sahara treks start from the village M’hamid. Transfers to the village are provided, but prices vary depending on where you’re picked up from. You can do the trek on foot but why not hop on the back of a camel?

After all, you can expect to be spending around 5 hours a day trekking. Riding a camel might be less strenuous than walking, but even so, you’ll certainly feel it the next day.

First, you’ll spend a night camping under trees. It is a little more low-key than the luxury private camp that you’re heading toward, but the endless stars are so worth it!

All food is provided; expect lots of filling tagines and mint tea under the stars. Special diets are usually catered for so if you struggle to find gluten free or vegetarian food on your travels, this will make a refreshing change. Frankly, we’re impressed with any decent meal that can be whipped up in the desert.

There’s no doubting that this excursion is remote. It’s also in one of the hottest places in the world – it is a desert, after all. The Sahara, with its average temperature of 30° C, is the third largest desert in the world. It’s a whopping 3,600,000 square miles. And many of the dunes reach over 180 metres in height. Fun fact, did you know that Antarctica and the Arctic are classified as deserts?

A desert trek is the very definition of getting away from it all. It’s a fascinating juxtaposition of extreme adventure in a peaceful landscape. You’re very much in charge of your itinerary. On some of the longer desert treks, you’ll stay in guest houses along the way.

There are so many camel ride options through Morocco’s deserts — it’s undeniably a big business — but when it comes to experiences that are off the beaten path, this tops most bucket lists! Local expertise coupled with a decent camp for the night (and a comfortable saddle for your bum) will make this experience an unforgettable one.

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Erg Chigaga Great Dunes, Morocco


Any time of year, although camping out in December and January will be nippier than the rest of the year.

What you need to know:

Make sure you let Wild Morocco know that you want to complete your trek on camel back, some people choose to go on foot and you’ll be disappointed if you arrive and there isn’t a spare camel for you.

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