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Discover Cape Town from top to bottom on two wheels

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Even if you haven’t made your way to Cape Town in South Africa, you’ve no doubt seen Table Mountain in post cards. It’s towering over the city with world famous views from its plateau overlooking the cityscape.

Now imagine getting on a mountain bike, strapping on a helmet and throwing yourself down some amazing tracks, all the way from the top to where land meets ocean! That’s exactly the kind of thing we live for. We won’t be putting our breaks on until we pedal into the ocean.

Cycle yourself down the magnificent landscape of Table Mountain on a mixture of jeep track, smooth flowing single track and technical single track. Thundering along the miles of paths you can gawp at the incredible scenery and panoramic views. But don’t forget to keep one eye on the hilly terrain.

If you’re feeling a bit intimidated by the ride, the professionals have schemed and plotted  routes for every level of mountain bike rider. But wait, there’s more!

Take a whirl down the most exciting ride  around Table Mountain National Park. Detour through the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve and down the Cape Peninsula Mountain.

The route is pretty exhilarating and not to mention exerting. But we promise, the views and the tracks are worth it.

Cape Town is renowned for being the meeting point between the Indian and Atlantic Ocean, but it’s also famous for its stunning fauna and flora. Lift your head from the handlebars and you’ll encounter some rather unexpected wildlife at the foot of the mountain.

Your guides will take you to Boulders Beach to waddle among the penguin colony. Yep, those are penguins that got a bit lost en route to the Antarctica and decided that they fancied a suntan. Further down the Peninsula in the direction of Cape Point you’ll visit some baboons at Good Hope Nature Reserve.

Speeding down Table Mountain on a mountain bike is surely the only sensible way to reach the sea. We’ll see you at the finish line!

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Cape Town, South Africa


You can book all year round, but keep in mind that tours are a minimum of two people.

What you need to know:

The South African sun is very strong, with a high ultraviolet ray rating. Screening products with sun protection factors of 30 and over are recommended.

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