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Take centre stage for an unforgettable dinner on stage of the Hungarian State Opera House

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What is Stage Presence? It is something that draws you in, commands your attention, makes it impossible to look away. And whether you’re talking about a theatre performance or this next Unmissable experience, one thing is for sure – Stage Presence is the name of the game!

The Four Seasons’s Extraordinary Experiences have an incredible dinner on offer, fittingly called ‘Stage Presence.’ A once in a lifetime dinner on the stage of the Hungarian State Opera House.

Let’s talk a little bit about this incredible setting. The neo-Renaissance opera house was opened in 1884 (although the building started much earlier in 1875, these things take time). Hungarian architect Miklós Ybl (he also designed St. Stephen’s Basilica, which is also on the list of our top ten Basilicas) designed the opera house in a shape of a horseshoe which means that the acoustics are fantastic.

If you’re wondering how many lights are in that bronze chandelier dangling over your head, the answer is 200.

Four Seasons and the Opera House tailor the experience right down to the letter. Every little detail is tweaked to suit you and your dining companions. If you want 300 of your closest friends to share the experience with you, that’s your call. Invite your entire extended family if you want. If you want to get down on one knee and pop the question, you can have the whole place to yourself.

And don’t forget about the orchestra playing throughout your meal. They’ll play Iron Maiden covers while you’re eating cheesecake if you ask them to. No one is going to argue with you.

What’s for dinner? Typically, it’s a five-course meal. Dishes include goodies like sea bass crusted with black olives and veal fillet Rossini (a dish that was said to be created for created for the French composer Gioachino Rossini).

Here’s the rub: to make this experience possible, the Hungarian State Opera House will have to close for three days. So the experience is going to cost you. Four Seasons won’t even give us an exact figure because it’s quite literally a moveable feast. We’re talking thousands of pounds rather than hundreds. It might be the most expensive dinner you could ever host.

It’ll also be the most incredible.

What do the Opera House have to say about turning into the most incredible restaurant for the night? “We usually say, as an unwritten law, that it is strictly forbidden to eat on stage,” says conductor Gergely Kesselyák. “But gastronomy has its place in the sanctuary of the opera house as a form of art.”

We couldn’t agree with him more.

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The stage of the Hungarian State Opera House in Budapest.


Any time of the year that works with the Opera House’s schedule. But keep in mind they have to close for a full three days to prepare for your event.

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We’ll help you booking it with Four Seasons Gresham Palace in Budapest, it’s the only way you can experience this.

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