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Fall through the rabbit hole into the magic of an Icelandic glacier

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Enter an ice tunnel underneath one of the largest glaciers in Europe and you fall through the rabbit hole into a mysterious world. For the first time ever, you can delve deep into the Icelandic landscape and witness the ethereal blue light at a glacier’s centre.

Into the Glacier have shifted 5000 cubic metres of glacial ice creating a 500-metre tunnel into the solid ice. This is one of the most surreal and magic experiences – travelling into this majestic landscape.

Formerly only seen by scientists, now you can go on your own private tour of Europe‘s second largest glacier, Langjökull. And, if you’re feeling popular you can explore the manmade ice caves and tunnels with up to 15 friends.

Into the Glacier only opened in 2015, and unbelievably it will all be gone in 15 to 20 years thanks to the shifting snowscape.

As you might have guessed it’s going to be cold down there. Wandering around in zero degrees, you’ll need your layers for this Unmissable experience. Not got ice boots? Never fear, special crampon grips will be provided so there’s less ice skating and more mountaineering.

Being a glacier and all, this isn’t the sort of experience you can find at the end of your local bus route. Instead you have to get massive eight-wheel 20-ton truck across the ice. And the fun really does start as soon as you’re all aboard.

En route to the base camp at Husafell, you pass through the 5,770 m Hvalfjordur Tunnel, under the Hvalfjordur fjord. In case your Icelandic is a bit rusty that translates to mean whale fjord. Yep, before entering underground Narnia you are likely to spot some beautiful whales on the way.

Once you and your pals have arrived you have 60 minutes to explore with your guide. For the particularly romantically inclined you can even have a wedding here.

Getting to venture into the earth’s underworld with this incredible hidden world; we’re already dusting off our favourite woolly hat.

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Langjökull, Iceland


You can book the tour Into the Glacier all year round, just head over to their website to talk about exclusive visits.

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Travelling under the icy landscape to the secret underground lair of a glacier, we’re packing our mittens already.

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