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Go on a family jungle adventure in the Amazon Rainforest

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Do your children love nothing more than collecting bugs and chasing frogs? If so, this wildlife-themed holiday is perfect. Want to really wow them? This family jungle adventure tour of The Amazon rainforest is an experience they’ll never forget.

Refugio Amazonas family tour is based on the story of a six-year-old girl living in the rainforest.  They have partnered with an educational NGOto come up with a four-day experience that tells her story. What a brilliant way to give kids a chance to experience life in a rainforest! Of course, you can join in on this adventure. Or why not leave the kids to explore under the supervision of a trained guide, while going on your own excursions.

All activities are balanced nicely between educational and adventurous. Children will learn about the importance of plants growing in the rainforest. They’ll explore clay licks and trees through a canopied walkway. Then they’ll search for incredible caiman crocodiles resting along the riverbed and look for incredibly-patterned frogs at night. We love that there really isn’t much difference between the adult and child activities, they’re simply arranged to be suitable for different age levels.

Don’t worry, the organisers take pains to ensure age is a considered at every point. So there’s not a huge amount of walking involved in the activities for young kids. Instead the focus is very much on education. The itinerary for teenagers has a stronger focus on adventure and keeps everyone really active. Your teens will go paddle boarding down the Tambopata River, climbing Brazil trees with macaws and jungle mountain biking. We would absolutely take part in all those activities, age be damned.

There’s no ‘best month’ to see wildlife in Tambopata but there are obvious weather considerations. It’s usually drier from May to October. That said, there are certain benefits to visiting in the rainy season. This is an ideal time to visit if you’re a fan of snakes and frogs. You’ll see more bird activity on rainy days, although the clay licks will be quieter and your river trip to your lodge will be much quicker because of the higher water level. Although rain can last several days, it tends to rain during the afternoon. So not only will your trip be quieter (and cheaper), it’ll be a lot cooler. And that’s definitely worth bearing in mind if your children don’t do well in the heat.

Rest assured, whenever you take your trip, Refugio Amazons is a fantastic adventure for kids. The family tours are carefully considered so the young ‘uns get the most from their experience. And perhaps most importantly: it’s pretty much a guarantee that you’ll see monkeys, no matter what time of year you decide to have your Amazon adventure.

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The Amazon Rainforest, Peru


The dry seasons is from May to October, but you’ll see wildlife all year around.

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