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Discover ‘Fed in the Clouds’ treepod dining experience in Thailand

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Remember when you were little, and eating Monster Munch while hiding in trees was the most fun you could possibly have? Well we found the grown-up equivalent! Treepod dining at Soneva Kiri in Thailand. Complete with a waiter who flies through the treetops on a zipline to make this a truly magical experience.

And instead of Monster Munch, you’ll be eating delicious organic food, made with locally-sourced produce. Although, we daresay if you really wanted a bag of crisps, it could be arranged.

There’s only one pod and it seats four diners. So aside from the waiter, who whizzes away to another platform after he’s delivered your food and drinks, the rainforest canopy is all yours. Once you’ve been hoisted up in the giant bamboo and rattan bird’s nest, you’ll be five metres above ground. You’ll love dangling from the massive trees.

Treepod Dining

Your food and wine will arrive shortly after you do. And it’s not all about location for this particular table – the food is as impressive as the view.

Many of the ingredients are grown in the resort’s garden – Soneva Kiri is eco-friendly and committed to sustainability. Even the treepod – which took two-and-a-half years to perfect – is amazingly strung from the branches without the use of bolts. So don’t worry, the surrounding trees aren’t damaged.

The pod can be booked for any meal of the day – including high tea, which will at last live up to its name and involve drinking tea on at a height. Breakfast is our pick – a calm, curious way to start your day. Savour the sea view and forest sounds before it’s time to be gently lowered back down to earth.

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Soneva Kiri is on Koh Kood island, southeast of Bangkok, Thailand


Breakfast, lunch, high tea or dinner – but you’ll need to book

What you need to know:

Well, you don’t have to stay at the resort to book the treepod – but if you want to (we want to), you can stay at the incredible Soneva Kiri. Why wouldn’t you, when the 6-bedroom villa comes with its own treehouse.

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