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Soar through a canyon to a picnic like no other

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What makes one of the world’s most famous landmarks in the world even more Unmissable than it already is? Well how about bird’s eye view and an exclusive gourmet picnic. Have we peaked your interest? If so, let us introduce the Grand Canyon…like you’ve never seen it before!

This is a landmark that inspires the world over. And it’s right next to Vegas, which is an added bonus. It’s jaw-dropping. It’s busy. But what if we told you that you could avoid the throngs of tourists and have an unbelievable Grand Canyon experience? While the tourists are piling on to busses, you’ll be getting ready for an incredible luxury experience. And did we mention there is a helicopter ride and lunch to look forward to?

Your day starts at your Las Vegas hotel, where a limo picks you up to take you to the air fiend. So things are off to a very good start!

Make sure you look out for animals and birds that graze in the sand plains and water springs as you whizz over the Mojave Desert.

Your next destination is Lake Mead, the largest man-made lake in the US. It was created by the Hoover Dam and is 112 miles long when full. Further along, you’ll follow the winding path of the Colorado River.

You don’t just fly across the Canyon, you fly through it. This is the best way to really experience the true expanse of the landscape. Then it’s time to enjoy a glass of bubbly and a picnic at the bottom. This is probably the best restaurant view in the world. Take in Grand Canyon’s true magnitude from the bottom, 32,000 feet below the rim. And all this while you feast on your specially prepared picnic.

This is Grand Canyon made truly Unmissable. We’re packing our bags and heading to Las Vegas. Come along, you won’t be disappointed. We promise!

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Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. Your personal limo will pick you up from your hotel in Vegas.


Whenever you like. The company will fly as long as the weather is good. And since it's Arizona, the weather is always good.

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Sundance Helicopters has 27 helicopters for you to choose from. Go ahead, the best picnic of your life await!

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