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Lunch with an Astronaut at the Kennedy Space Center

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Space travel fascinates us. We want to explore, we want to go as far as we can. A huge part of Unmissable is about discovering something new and learning from those people who’ve done just that. So we’re positively giddy about the opportunity to have lunch with an astronaut.

Because space travel is the pinnacle experience, isn’t it?  It seems so far out of our reach and yet it feels more and more like something we could do someday. It feels like that chance, that opportunity is getting ever closer. If you need some inspiration to don your space suit, the Kennedy Space Center‘s lunch with an astronaut is pretty excellent.

The lunch jumps straight into the space action and features a presentation from an astronaut. They’ll tell you everything you want to know about living and working in space, and what it is like to travel there. Throughout your lunch, ask the astronaut any questions while they spend some time with you. Take your camera, you want to make sure you’ve captured the experience. The experience is very much geared towards children as the astronauts are there to inspire the next generation.

Sadly, most of us won’t ever get the chance to experience space flight.  But the Kennedy Space Center makes it feel a little bit closer and that’s got to be an inspiring experience for kids.

Got your eye on a particular astronaut? The schedule is posted in advance so you can see your favourite to make it even better.

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Head to Florida for your out of this world experience at the Kennedy Space Center.


Any time of year. The schedule is published in advance so if your kids have a particularly astronaut they’d like to meet, you can book that lunch.

What you need to know:

This needs to be booked in advance, and you shouldn’t try to ‘squeeze it in’. The astronauts are busy so the slots book up quickly. Don’t turn up on the off-chance that you’ll get a table.

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