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Enjoy a luxury holiday in rugged, unspoilt landscapes of Oman

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Are you as fascinated by the Middle East as we are? If you are, you probably know that Oman is quickly becoming the destination intrepid travellers are flocking to. While some are loving glitzy Dubai, others are developing a taste for the rugged, unspoilt landscapes of Oman. And we have a luxury holiday resort to tell you about that’s so exclusive you need to paraglide to get there!

Well actually, that’s not entirely true – there are two ways to get to Zighy Bay. You can paraglide or  take a speedboat. While the second option is always fun in a James Bond-esque way, we’re way more enticed by the option to paraglide to the hotel. Imagine floating over the landscape. And you won’t need any training! You’ll fly with a trained paragliding expert. The hotel will take care of your luggage so you don’t soar down carrying your suitcases.

And when you arrive? Well the resort itself looks pretty fantastic. Our suggestion? Stay in the poolside beach villa. As the name suggests is just steps away from the pool and the most fabulous beach.

And unlike a lot of hotels and resorts in the Middle East, Zighy Bay does have an alcohol license. Keep in mind, the bars close over Ramadan. The resort stays open, but if a glass of wine next to this pool is part of your Unmissable experience, make sure to keep the dates in mind when you book.

The resort isn’t just child-friendly, it’s set up for children to have as much fun as the adults. They can learn to snorkel, go kayaking and even do a spot of yoga. Either way, they can leave exam stress  far, far behind! After all, school is tough on kids, they need a break!

And if all of this adventuring and excitement gets too much, you can just lie back and watch a film on your own private beach.

After all, you did just paraglide your way here, you deserve a bit of a rest.

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Oman, which is only about six hours flight from London.


All through the year but take note of religious holidays when the resort will offer limited facilities.

What you need to know:

Paragliding into your hotel resort is probably a medical cure for jet lag. Be the first of your friends to visit Oman and have bragging right forever!

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