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Take one beautiful holiday location (The Colorado Rockies), add an exclusive spa resort (Dunton Hot Springs) and you’ve started to tickle Unmissable’s fancy a little. We still need a little something extra before we get really excited. And here it is: Dunton Hot Springs used to be a ghost town.

As with a lot of America’s ghost towns, Dunton was a mining town in the late 19th Century. Dunton was impossibly remote then; the nearest train station was nine miles away. The middle of nowhere feeling is still very much part of the resort today.

It had a population of 50 when the mine first opened, but then the largest mine was sold to investors. At its peak, there were around 300 people living at the settlement.

The boom in Dunton didn’t last long. By 1910, most people left the community and the town was deserted by 1918. In the end, long-term residents Joe and Dominica Rosario bought the entire town and ran it as a cattle ranch until the 1990.

Four years later, current owners bought the town and started renovating. It took 7 years for the entire town to be transformed into the incredible hot springs and spa resort.

There’s still a sense of the Colorado ghost town that once was.  The owners didn’t want to knock it down and build a swanky hotel. Dunton’s history is evident throughout the entire resort. And this heritage is what makes it so special. And of course, it is gorgeous to say the least!

Most of the activities are included in the packages, so you can do all the fly fishing or skiing you want. It’s all basically on your doorstep. Right along with free beers on your return: the resort is all inclusive.

Dunton Hot Springs is a beautiful spa resort, there’s no doubting that, but the ghost town history is what makes it really magnificent.

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Colorado. Dunton is a lot more connected than it was as a mining town, there are four airports nearby so you won’t have trouble getting here.


Any time of year, there are different activities depending on when you arrive. We’d love to stay in one of those cabins in the snow.

What you need to know:

If you wanted to, you could hire out the entire town for the weekend. It would set you back around £23,000 per night, which sounds like super mega bucks until you realise that 60 people can stay and that’s about £400 per person. All food and drink is included, too. We’re picturing the best wedding photos.

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