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The mountains have been calling us lately. More specifically, Himalayan Mountains. Home to Mount Everest and one of our favourite remote sanctuaries, Tiger’s Nest, it also plays host to one of our new favourite hotels. Imagine perfect serenity, ultimate luxury and breath-taking views, all rolled into one. Well we have just the place – Wildflower Hall!

The Himalayas are generally known for adventure trips and adrenaline sports. But if you’d prefer your mountain adventure a little more serene and luxurious, you need to head to Wildflower Hall.

Set 8,250 feet above sea level with a definite air of fairy tale magic about it, Wildflower Hall sits high up in a twenty-three acres of cedar forest and is the perfect location for playing Rapunzel. The best thing about being this high in a secluded area? The absolutely uninterrupted views of the mountain landscape. The Himalayas are stretched out in front of you.

You’ll get around to exploring and trekking the mountains, we’re sure of it. But for just a few days you could take a front row seat by an incredible infinity pool and stare out at the top of the world.

Luckily, before you turn into the most smug sun lounger in town, there’s a bunch of activities and experiences that are worth getting up for. There probably isn’t a better place in the world to do a spot of yoga but if you want something a little more adventurous, you can try white water rafting or archery.

There are so many private dining experiences that you might never eat at the same place twice. You can have dinner in the gazebo. You can go on a wildlife trail through the forest and have a private picnic in a secret 19th Century bungalow. There’s a private dining room. You can get a gourmet picnic with your bike ride. If Wildflower Hall can feed you brilliant food in secret, they will find a way.

Rooms come with garden and valley view rooms or you can spend a bit more and get a mountain view room. While the gardens are very lovely, we don’t need to tell you twice: mountain view is the way to go! It’s why you came here, after all.

The hotel looks fabulous in the snow, doesn’t it? If there was ever a perfect place to do absolutely nothing, Wildflower Hall is it. After all, they’ve got the most incredible view, that’s an unmissable experience without you having to lift a finger.

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The Himalayas. Chandigarh airport is about four hours away from Wildflower Hall.


Most of the activities are available between September to July so that’s the best time to book.

What you need to know:

Your activities are extra. They’re not particularly expensive but it’s worth keeping an eye on how many picnics and private dinners you’re having so you don’t get a shock when you come to check out.

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