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Love Prosecco? In Veneto, Italy you may have to (and want) cycle for it!

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Wine and cheese. Burgers and beer. Prosecco and…erm, cycling? It may not be the most obvious of pairings, but it’s certainly one you’re going to want to invest your time in.

Is there anything better than a glass of Prosecco? Yes. You should enjoy a glass of Prosecco in its native home in Italy. Take in the gorgeous scenery cycling around the region where the bubbles are born. This is our bike-ride dream come true. Veneto, Italy is one of the world’s top wine destinations. And you will pedal around with a small group of new friends.

Bike by day. Drink by night. This is our kind of exercise.

First, explore vineyards, wineries, larger cities, and small hamlets of the area. There are new discoveries around every corner. From unknown wines to regional foods, history and local culture; there’s plenty of education to go along with the hydration. Then, spend the rest of the day relaxing and exploring each new destination. And finally, evenings are filled with wine tastings and meals featuring the best in local cuisine.

This is a family run business and the owners personally lead each tour. Group sizes are limited to 8 people, for a truly intimate, authentic Italian experience. With unique local expertise, bikers are treated to the best of biking routes and water stops. This is your chance to gain valuable insight into the history, foods and wines that are found along the way.

Additionally, you will spend two nights in an intimate villa hotel in the heart of the DOCG Prosecco region. You’ll also get to taste prosecco wines from the Cartizze area, the “Grand Cru” of prosecco. And one of our favourite parts, you’ll spend a night in Bassano del Grappa at the foothills of the Alps. You’ll also get to do a grappa tasting at the Poli distillery. Explore the ancient walled city of Marostica (renowned for it’s cherries which should be in season during visits). And last but certainly not least, you’ll spend a night in Vicenza, the City of Palladio.

Never have we wanted to ride our bicycles more.

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Italia Outdoors Food and Wine tours in Veneto, Italy

What you need to know:

Tours include six nights accommodation at 3*+ hotels, transfers and all bike rentals. Three dinners with local wine, wine tasting and any excursion entrance fees also come as part of the cost. Private trips can be arranged for groups of four or more with customised rides for the skill and fitness level of your group.

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