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Being submerged under water can sometimes be a less than pleasant experience. Even for the more avid water babies out there, it’s usually a thrilling experience of scuba diving or exhilaration of seeing the underwater kingdom while snorkelling. Whatever it is, it’s usually not a serene experience. What if we told you we found a place where you can truly relax underwater?

Huvafen Fushi in The Maldives has everything you’d expect from a luxury tropical resort: the incredible views, the wonderful private pools, miles of white sandy beaches. It also has something that the other resorts can’t compete with: it’s home to the world’s only underwater spa.

If you’re a spa fanatic, Lime Spa at Huvafen Fushi is almost certainly worth the trip to the Maldives alone. There are two underwater treatment rooms which means you’ve got a perfect watching spot for the tropical fish as you get your face pack on.

So you’re having a rough time of it? No worries! You can book a whole week of treatments, including a jet lag massage. You’ll be pummelled, preened and primped until you’re ready to face the real world again. It sounds a bit like giving your body over to science.

Magical, happy science where you get a cocktail after you wake up.

So what fish can you expect to see on your blissed out marine safari? Clown fish, stingrays and perhaps a few sea turtles. And to top it all off, the resort have started installing underwater art galleries to complete the experience.

Want to come back onto dry land? The view outside is pretty great, too.

Even if you’re not really a spa person, we think that Huvafen Fushi (and the resident clown fish) will completely win you over. This is the most relaxing goldfish bowl we’ve ever seen.

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Huvafen Fushi in The Maldives


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No matter what comes next, this is the original underwater spa and they’re doing it right.

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