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Dine completely surrounded by water at The Rock Restaurant in Zanzibar

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Built on a rock in the Indian Ocean, The Rock restaurant in Zanzibar serves up freshly-caught seafood in one of the archipelago’s most spectacular settings. Completely surrounded by water at high tide, diners can swim the short distance to this former fisherman’s post.

If you don’t fancy swimming, the restaurant’s boat will come across and pick you up from the shore. You might still get a little bit wet. But no worries, you can dry off on the terrace with a glass of wine and a happy heart.

At low tide, you can walk from the beach to the restaurant. Don’t panic – the boat will be close by if your meal hasn’t finished by the time the tide comes in. Although we can’t deny the prospect of being stranded on a rock, with plentiful supplies of cocktails and seafood, is really quite appealing.

The last bookings are at 7pm each day, but the restaurant stays open long after that. Go at high tide to get the full Rock experience – boat ride, lapping waves and on-a-rock surrealness. Check the local tide tables in advance.

Let’s gawp for a bit at aforementioned seafood. All but three things on the menu involve some sort of underwater critter. The cooks prepare daily catch from the waters surrounding the restaurant. The Rock special lets you sample the entire day’s catch – lobster, prawns, fresh fish and more.

And if you weren’t singing the B-52’s Rock Lobster before, well, you probably are now.

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On a rock. In the middle of the Indian Ocean. The Rock restaurant is off the coast of Michamvi Pingwe Beach, in the southeast of Zanzibar island.


Seven days a week, with booking slots available every two hours from noon.

What you need to know:

First, get to Zanzibar. Then get to Stone Town (an hour’s drive to Michamvi Pingwe Beach), Paje or Bwejuu (10-15 minutes’ drive). Once you’ve reached the beach, you can walk, swim or take the boat to the restaurant. Remember to book ahead, we can help with that!

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