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Boeing 727 Fuselage Home has got to be one of the world’s coolest treehouses

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There’s no fighting over the window or aisle seat when the whole plane is yours for the taking. Start packing, because we found a hotel suite that takes sleeping in the sky to a whole new level.

Undoubtedly one of the most unique hotel rooms in the world, 727 Fuselage Home is a dream. Nestled amongst the trees of the Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica is a ‘room’ you can not miss! A vintage 1965 Boeing 727 airframe has been refurbished into a luxury 2-bedroom apartment. And it jets straight out of the trees and into our hotel stay wish lists.

The exclusive accommodation has been designed to perfection. You will love the hand-carved teak wood furniture. The plane’s interior features Costa Rican teak panelling and carries the rustic jungle theme. Step on board via your private entrance up a river rock staircase and you’ll find two air conditioned bedrooms. Each room has its own private bath. And the unit has a kitchenette, dining area and 360 degree views of surrounding gardens. And by gardens we mean jungle.

While there’s no concern about fellow hotel guests disrupting your stay, there’s still a strong possibility you will have to share the surroundings with others. Neighbours throughout your time in Costa Rica are likely to include the native tree top sloths, toucans and monkeys. In fact, the hotel proudly proclaims to host “more monkeys than people.” Sounds pretty perfect to us.

And if you wanted further convincing, imagine having a glass of wine on the balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean. That daydream certainly does the 727 Fuselage Home no harm.  Balcony. Wine. Sloths. Ocean View. Enough already, Costa Rica.

And there is a host of activities that await at the resort and beyond, if you manage to prise yourselves away from the suite life. Whether its restaurants and spas, tree top adventures and sailing at sea; there’s something to satisfy all levels of adventure/sun seeker.

Situated within easy reach of San Jose airport via plane, bus or car, Costa Verde is the ideal destination for an indulgent short break. And it’s a perfect base for longer exploration of the pristine surroundings. With plenty of monkeying around to be had, what better place to experience a chapter of your very own Jungle Book.

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Because there is only one suite, you must book early. As lovely as the rest of the resort is, the Fuselage Home is the truly Unmissable experience you must have!

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