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Spend the night in the St Pancras Clock Tower

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St Pancras Station definitely has a romantic air about it. Couples whizzing off to Paris, champagne on the platform, that romantic kissing statue. Of course, you could check into the fancy hotel. But for a truly unforgettable trip, how about opting for a good night’s sleep in the St Pancras Clock Tower?

Known as St Pancras Chambers, the building was actually designed by George Gilbert Scott and was once The Midland Grand Hotel. The building was actually constructed in the late 19th Century but only operated as a hotel until 1935 and then it was turned into railway offices.

Restoration of the building began in 2005, with the first couple of floors being renovated as part of the hotel. There are also from private flats in the building. And then there’s the clock tower apartment, standing underneath the clock on the 5th floor. And that’s where we’d very much like to stay.

The flat actually has two bedrooms, so you’ll be sharing with the owner, Peter, but he describes it as an ‘apartment within an apartment’ so you’ll get your own private kitchen and bathroom as well as loads of space. Of course, there is The Renaissance Hotel downstairs for all of our meals. When your local restaurant for the week is super swanky, you don’t want to miss out.

You might come downstairs one day to find that there’s a piano recital in the living. If you’re lucky there will be a photoshoot. If no one’s using it, you can have a tinkle on the ivories and relax throughout the whole flat. It’s a busy venue, and definitely not one for those who like their holidays with a bit more structure (you might have to stay in the hotel if that’s what you’re after). It a slightly odd venue, but that’s exactly why we like it.

Of course, you have the whole of London’s offerings on your doorstep: you’re walking distance from The Wellcome Collection, you’re skipping distance from the excellent (and underrated) UCL museums. You’re a hop and a jump away from The British Museum.

And once you’ve soaked up the delights of London, you could always hop on the Eurostar for a day trip and then slink back to your fabulous moments-away-from-the-platform bed. How marvellous.

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St Pancras Chambers in Central London. Perfect location for exploring our favourite city.


Any time of year, but peak times and weekends get booked up quickly.

What you need to know:

You won’t always have the run of the place, so be mindful of the fact that you’re staying in someone’s home.

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