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Soar above millions of wildebeests on a hot air balloon safari

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Close your eyes and imagine looking down and seeing millions of wildebeests as far as you can see! That is exactly what you will get with an incredible safari we’re about to tell you about.

There are many different ways to experience an African safari. Horseback safaris are becoming more commonplace, so are walking safaris. But there’s a magical way to beat the others and treat yourself to an incredible nature show: taking a hot air balloon safari.

Balloon Safaris don’t take the place of your whole excursion, instead they are add-on trips that you book to give yourself an extra treat. You can build them into your package while you stay at a central Serengeti lodge or camp.

It will still be dark when you leave your camp. You might even get to see some activity from nocturnal animals on your journey to the balloon site. To get the best experience you’ve got to be up in the air early which means a very, very early start.

The main draw for taking yourself 1000 feet into the air first thing in the morning is obvious: the wildebeest migration. Millions of wildebeest (and hundreds of thousands of their zebra pals) make the crossing through the Serengeti and around Africa every single year. There’s no other way to appreciate the sheer volume of animals undertaking this epic journey than to soar above them.
The journey itself is as unpredictable as any other game drive. Even the balloon pilot doesn’t quite know where you’ll end up. There’s no set path, there’s no itinerary – save that for later in the day when you’re back in the jeep. This is your chance to experience and see the expanse of the African plains in their glory.
At the end of your journey, your landing is toasted with a glass of fizz and then a full breakfast (complete with linen and bone china) is served outdoors before you’re whisked back to your camp. All before 10am. You might have experienced an African safari before, but there’s something incredibly special about soaring above all the action.

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Serengeti National Park, Tanzania


Any time of year, but if you’re heading this way anyway, you should time your safari with the wildebeest migration. We can help with that!

What you need to know:

Make sure you book in advance, especially if the migration is particularly active when you arrive in Tanzania. You don’t want to miss out on this amazing aerial show. Keep in mind that it’s only suitable for children over the age of 7.

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