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Dinner and sunset in the red desert at Uluru: Tali Wiru

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Close your eyes and image the most stunning dinner setting. Open your eyes. What did you see? We’ll tell you what we saw – Uluru, or Ayer’s Rock as it used to be called. Your gourmet meal is served just as the sun is sets over the red desert. But don’t forget to look up from the deliciousness on your plate, there is so much to take in around you!

To get a glimpse of the sacred ground of Uluru would be very high on our Unmissable list. And to visit it at sunset for an intimate dinner under the stars is probably the only thing that would make it better.

There are actually three popular dining experiences around Uluru: Table 131°, which is held at the luxury resort Longitude 131°, Sounds of Silence, and Tali Wiru. Of all three, it’s Tali Wiru that we’re pinning our Unmissable flag to. Meaning ‘beautiful dune’ in local Anangu language, they go above and beyond so that the experience is truly magical.

Begin your open air experience with a gentle walk to the sound of a didgeridoo. Then you’ll enjoy champagne and canapés as the sun sets. Gaze up at the glowing monolith believed to be around 700 million years old, as the sun falls.

Somehow, in the middle of nowhere, Tali Wiru serve you a four-course meal with a different wine pairing for each course. Dishes have an Australian slant so you can expect to see kangaroo and wagyu fillet beef on the menu. Of course, Tali Wiru cater to special diets where possible.

After dinner, you listen to stories from an Indigenous storyteller and learn more about the stars as you gaze up at them. There are only 20 diners each evening and tables are kept small rather than family style.  This is the ideal place for a romantic surprise and an incredible way to see an Australian landmark.

The only thing they can’t take care of is the weather. Despite what Aussie soap operas would have us believe, it’s not always warm Down Under. Especially not when the sun has gone down. Winter falls in July and you’ll need to wrap up warm, even with the blankets provided.

This is a true outback experience. The nearest town is Alice Springs and that’s 450km away. If you’ve ever wanted to visit Australia and feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere, book a table at Tali Wiru.

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Tali Wiru is held at the foot of Uluru.


Weather can be an issue when booking. It’s possible that the dinner can get cancelled in bad weather and temperatures in the evening can reach zero degrees (you’re given blankets, just in case). And there’s the issues of flies everywhere in the earlier parts of the year. It’s a small window, but May is often deemed the best time when you should be fairly warm and fly free.

What you need to know:

Try and book this experience at the start of your trip. If it gets cancelled due to bad weather you’ll be able to re-book another day rather than miss out altogether.

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