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Tea talk time at Ceylon Tea Trails

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Who loves tea? At Unmissable HQ, we can’t get enough! And this is one of the reasons why this is one of our new favourite places. Let’s journey to the place where tea comes from – Ceylon tea region. This is world’s first tea bungalow resort.

Tea Trails opened up a world of adventure and discovery in the Bogawantalawa Valley. As you might imagine, being perched at an altitude of 1,250 metres these five colonial era tea planters’ bungalows have quite the view.

Bungalows are fully restored to the peak of luxury and vary from 4 to 6 rooms and suites. Each bungalow is unique and offers a taste of colonial-era luxury with solid teak furnishings, antique touches and plush beds. With 26 elegant rooms and suites decorated in unique styles, ranging from neo-colonial to classic English, everyone will find one they love. Especially perfect for us Brits who like to feel at home when we travel!

We love that rooms are named after tea planters who lived in each bungalow. It really makes you feel like you are part of this incredible country’s history. Of course, it also helps that there is dedicated butler service to cater to your every need.

Bogawantalawa is known as “The Golden Valley”. With lush, vigorous tea bushes, it produces teas that range from full bodied to light throughout the year. It’s no wonder this is the most famous region for Ceylon Tea.

The five Tea Trails bungalows are located between 2 km and 15km from each other. In other words, it is an ideal setting for trekking and biking against the breathtaking backdrop of mountains, lakes, winding roads and waterfalls.

Did we mention, Tea Trails embraces time-honoured planters’ traditions. Picture this! First, there are sweeping lawns and swimming pools. Then, English gardens filled with roses, dew filled agapanthus and spring crocus. And finally, tea on the lawn with Dundee cake, scones, strawberries and cream or lunch alfresco by the pool. And we can’t forgets about swimming, croquet and classic board games. All this truly comes together for a leisurely lifestyle. And in the evenings, enjoy the fireplace as you sip single malt whiskey while the mists roll in or a stiff gin and tonic after a long day’s walk in the tea gardens.

Ah yes, this is really one not to be missed!

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Ceylon Region in Sri Lanka

What you need to know:

Each of the five bungalows is unique – lakeside Castlereagh. Summerville & Dunkeld, Norwood with panoramic views and Tientsin, the most traditional colonial.

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