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Enjoy an incredible private dinner at the world famous Angkor Temples

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Cambodia’s magnificent Angkor Temples dominate the landscape with their majestic beauty. Because of it’s historic importance, it is one of the most visited sites in the world. And of course, is usually rammed with tourists. But for the very lucky few, the temples can be reopened after dark for an exclusive dinner fit for the Gods.

Once the the sun starts going down and crowds trickle away, the entire 400 square kilometre complex will be yours. Befitting the sacred nature of your dining room, the food has a touch of royalty about it. Here, you can choose between a Western or a Khmer tasting menu. And depending on your choice,your meal could include seared scallops, wild mushroom and feta ravoli or grilled spiced lobster with wok-fried bhok choy. Your five star chefs prepare whichever menu you choose with local ingredients and spices.

The UNESCO world heritage site of Angkor is one of Southeast Asia’s most important archaeological sites. The iconic buildings were constructed by the Khmer Empire who ruled from the ninth to the 15th century. At its peak, the empire had control that stretched from Bagan in Myanmar to the Malaysian Peninsula.

Each temple was built by an emperor who vowed to make it bigger and better than the last. The famous Angkor Wat stands as a lasting tribute to the might of this empire. As such, you’ll be amazed by its detailed carving, impressive stature and dazzling architecture. So renowned is Angkor Wat, that its outline is on Cambodia’s national flag.

Strictly speaking, you won’t be alone at your dinner table. As you enter the site, drummers welcome you to this surreal setting. And musicians serenade you on traditional Angkor instruments through dinner. If you look up at the facades, you can spot the same instruments being strummed today as were used centuries ago.

Further into your evening, Aspara dancers will continue the mirroring of past and present. Enjoy your entertainment of this dance with movements based on old Hindu texts. Incidentally, this is similar to what the ancient Angkor kings would have had as their entertainment.

No doubt about it – this is a truly magical experience. As the sun falls and temples are lit up, you will be surrounded by the crumbing temples and thick rainforest. And your dinner table is lit up by the glowing buildings and candles dotted across the site.

Just imagine dining exclusively in the amazing Angkor temple with entertainment that is etched into the crumbing facades. This is without a doubt an unforgettable meal that blends the past and present in the most luxurious way.

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Angkor Temple Complex, Cambodia


Get in touch to arrange your experience once the complex shuts at 5:30 p.m.

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To gain access to such a precious historical area does not come cheap. So mu so, that your dinner starts at £3582 per person based on two people dining. And in keeping with the sacred tone of this experience a Buddhist monk can organise a blessing at the temple.

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