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Take a leap of faith into a volcano on a bungee cord

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Occasionally, we come across an experience that even we have a hard time believing is real. So ridiculous and outlandish, that we think “surely, no one would do this!” This is one of those! This is a bungee jump with a difference, that will have the foolhardiest daredevils lining up to take part.

Sure, you’ve probably visited a volcano or two, some may have been dormant, others maybe not. But would you bungee jump into an active volcano? Well, here’s your chance to do just that over a lava spitting beast in Chile.

The bungee jump takes place over Villarrica Volcano, about 750km away from Santiago. You leap right over its caldera, a feature formed by the volcano collapsing into itself and forming a crater. Usually a crater like this is formed by a large volcanic eruption, literally an explosion of the magma chamber. We’re not going to sugar coat this: Villarrica is one of Chile’s most active volcanoes. The last eruption was in 2015 and went on for months.

The eruption in 1971 killed at least 15 people.

So who in their right minds would come up with an idea to bungee jump over an active volcano? Well, the stunt was initially created for MTV and that brought them so much attention from people desperate to try it that it’s an experience that’s now available to the public.

You’ll perch yourself on the ‘skid’, or landing gear, of the helicopter as you fly above the Chilean mountains. You’ll be flying at around 135kph and you’ll travel for around 35 miles. And after the main event of jumping into a volcano that could erupt at any moment as you leap into its mouth? You’ll be basically ‘dragged’ to safety, dangling from the helicopter on our bungee rope as you go. And probably breathing a huge sigh of relief.

In theory it’s not different to any other bungee jump. But you will have to sign a waiver. Let’s be honest: is anyone else ever apprehensive about signing a waiver?

It’s worth us noting that despite us being absolutely terrified of the very thought of this experience, there have been absolutely no fatalities. There’s also a ski resort on the Northern side of the volcano. Adventure simply doesn’t stop for a bit of lava, it seems.

Unmissable experience or just absolutely crazy? We’ll leave that for you to decide.

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Mount Villarrica, Chile


This is trip very much ‘made to order’. Weather is an element worth considering. But the biggest issue is that the volcano you’re leaping into could erupt at any moment.

What you need to know:

Your bungee experience includes a day of white water rafting, a trip to a spa, hotels, meals and drinks while you’re in Pucon. And you get a free t-shirt. Woop!

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