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Rejuvenate your body and soul with a beach yoga retreat

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Ready, sun salute, go! The all-inclusive world of Samahita Retreat is calling. Welcome to a lifestyle yoga retreat on the sandy beaches of Koh Samui, Thailand. This is where world-class workouts meet island paradise.

Here, you can explore a dedicated centre for the practice of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The resort is situated on the pristine, tropical island just off the Southern Thai coast. Follow the sand trail along on Laem Sor beach and you’ll find Samahita Retreat. It is surrounded by towering coconut trees in a quiet, spacious area. And the beach is private and virtually undisturbed.

You will feel your troubles float away surrounded with plenty of incredible sunrises and sunsets. Needless to say, this is a beautiful, peaceful setting to enjoy a yoga and wellness retreat.

The retreat’s signature YogaCoreCycle programme is expertly designed to combine yoga, health and fitness. It combines cardio with specific strength training, yoga poses, attention to breath and meditation. This helps participants achieve both physical and mental well being.

Traditional yoga classes are available along with core focused lessons that focus on stability and strength. Finish off with dynamic cycling classes that provide cardio burn with fun music and a stunning sea view. You are sure to notice improvements in balance, agility and weight loss. Not to mention the undeniable cardio ability.

Fear not though, the island pace of life is very much a part of the daily routine. The programme is entirely open and optional. This means guests can choose to take any or all classes that suit their time, interest and energy.

Luxury accommodation is set back from the main retreat and the eco-friendly buildings utilise solar power and rainwater harvesting.  And all rooms come with a private balcony and have easy access to the yoga shala, restaurant and lounge, swimming pool and beach.

Of course, there’s a juice bar for when it comes to some all-important rehydration and all food is freshly prepared with local ingredients. Don’t forget to take advange of all the healthy snacks including homemade muesli bars and frozen fruit treats on offer throughout the day. Beach side dining never tasted so good.

Go on and (re)treat yourself.

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Koh Samui, Thailand

What you need to know:

Rates for the YogaCoreCycle programme vary. Pristine beaches, a tropical breeze and picture perfect sunsets all come as standard.

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