What does a giant faux redwood, taxidermy animals, a 250-pound meteorite and a Gothic-style century-old church altar have in common? They all serve as the eclectic and unrivalled décor at Clifton’s in downtown Los Angeles. Seems fitting for the City of Dreams.

This iconic Golden Age building is California’s lone survivor of cafeteria-style environments and the largest public cafeteria on the planet. Standing proud on 5-floors and a whopping 10,000-square-foot, inside: a whole new world. Boasting several bars, LA’s finest live bands, a newly renovated tiki-bar, a speak easy, spectacular artefacts, man-made waterfalls, handcrafted cocktails – Clifton’s take you on a journey embodying history, imagination, and culture. A one-of-a-kind watering hole for local Los Angeleans and A-list celebrities; it’s no wonder Clifton’s has survived all these years.

The space originally opened in 1931 during peak prohibition years by a wealthy man name Clifford Clinton where his motto was to offer homely meals at very low, low prices. If a patron didn’t have a lot of money, they would simply pay what they could. And if they didn’t have any money, the bill was free!

Today Clifton’s still offers the same hospitality and comfort to its guests: you can find some of the best cocktails in the city and a variety of menu items including original cafeteria-style turkey dinners and Jell-O parfais.
Who doesn’t love J-E-L-L-O?

Although, the legendary Clifton’s has been around for almost a decade, it’s still a hidden gem for many tourists. The legendary enchanted-forest themed environment still prevails 85 years later; whether its the three-story giant replica redwood that shoots up through the middle with a fireplace in the base of the trunk, the stuffed grizzly on the second floor or the ferocious looking lion capturing the attention of #selfies on social media, Clifton’s is one spot you simply #cannotmiss.

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