It’s the world’s most northerly 4 star hotel but the location is just one of the many cool things about Hotel Arctic. Situated right on the edge of the Ilulissat Ice Fjord – a wonder of the world which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List – this Greenland hotel comes with breathtaking views as standard.

The local preferred method of transport is via dog sledge and upon arrival into the traditional, Greenlandic town of Ilulissat, it’s easy to get a glimpse of the charming way that life is lived here.

The hotel organises pick up and drop off at the local airport as well as shuttle buses into town during your stay. Alongside a wealth of conventional hotel rooms Hotel Artic offers a true taste of the Arctic for those brave enough to face it – a stay in your very own igloo. Ok, the igloos are made of aluminium. And they come complete with a TV and heating. And a shower. But still, igloos!

On the very edge of the Ice Fjord, you can take a front row seat when it comes to looking out over nature. From May to October guests can enjoy an overnight stay in one of the five unique two-person igloo cabins that are located at the end of a wooden bridge just a short walk from the hotel. Look out across the cliffs, admire the Disko Bay and watch the colossal icebergs as they drift on by.

The igloo cabins are inspired by the classic eskimo igloo in shape and design but instead of being made of ice they’re constructed with an aluminium frame as so to house a selection of comfortable and modern facilities, much like any other hotel room. Unlike any other hotel room, you’re still face to face with nature. It’s an up close and personal experience not to be missed.

In case the elements all get a bit too much, warming home comforts are merely steps away and the hotel’s restaurant is readily accessible to all guests of the hotel. Regarded as being some of the best food in the country, the highly rated Restaurant Ulo serves up traditional Greenlandic meals utilising skilled chefs and local ingredients to the best of their ability. Expect plenty of seafood and creative vegetable sides.

For an arctic break with a view, be sure to check into an igloo at Hotel Arctic. With plenty of excursions and opportunities to really explore Greenland right on the doorstep, this is a unique holiday destination not to be missed out on.

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