At Unmissable HQ, we are lucky to get to check out incredible hotels around the world, but not always do we get blown away by the architecture and ingenuity of a particular property.

The creators of Keemala Hotel didn’t just build an incredible resort but also an intricately woven tale of four fictional indigenous clans that inhabited the island.

Emulating the construction methods and spirit of these peoples, the designers created four villa types: the Clay Cottages for Pa-ta-Pea Clan, Tent Pool Villas for the Khon-Jorn, The Tree Pool Houses for the We-Ha people and the Bird’s Nest Pool Villas for the Rung-Nok Clan. They became so engrossed that they created a backstory for each clan which influenced the design of each type of villa. Pa-ta-Pea Clan with its strong connection to the earth, Khon-Jorn clan are the merchants and traders, We-Ha people are whimsical artists and dwell in bi-level homes suspended from the trees, and the opulence-loving Rung-Nok clan who perched their lofty homes to capture the seaviews from above.

The villas are designed with each clan in mind, but what they all have in common is the designers’ desire to preserve the natural setting and environment. Eco-friendly synthetic building materials were used for construction with elements like airflow, sunlight and heat reduction carefully considered to minimize the need for energy-draining artificial cooling.

This independently-minded thinking is prevalent in every part of the resort. From construction, to cuisine, to the unofficial mascot of Keemala – Bill. Bill is a pink buffalo and is eager to greet you on arrival.

Keemala is focused on serenity and wellbeing. All the yoga, spa treatments and clean eating will leave you rejuvenated and de-stressed. Nothing at this resort goes by the way-side – chefs pick their herbs and vegetables from the garden and morning yoga is held in a tree house suspended in centuries-old trees.

That’s not to say that you’ll be entirely removed from civilisation. Much like the rest of Phuket, this area is highly developed. You will not be stuck in a never-ending transfer from the airport which is only 40 minutes away. And your favourite boutiques are right around the corner.

But, if like us, you decide to spend your time away from the hub-bub of Patong there are plenty of spa treatments, yoga sessions and beach time to keep you occupied.

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