No one would associate St. Lucia with anything other than luxury and opulence. So what would elevate a hotel to an Unmissable level? Maybe plop it down in the most posh area of Cap Estate? Maybe include the most stunning views of Pigeon Island? Even better, maybe include a dinner here!

But we’ll come back to this. First let’s explore this incredible – and largely unexplored – part of St Lucia. The resort is perched on a cliff above a crescent-shaped beach. Its rooms and suites are clustered atop a private ocean-front bluff. You can image the views from up here!

Cap Maison is a hotel, but it doesn’t feel like one. Strongly reminiscent of a private residence with its Spanish Caribbean influences throughout. You can get lost under sloping arches, eye-catching Hispanic tilework, terracotta urns and meticulously tended gardens.

Maybe our favourite feature of Cap Maison is the Rock Maison restaurant. The private wooden deck is built on a shoal below the main restaurant on the water’s edge. The deck area is almost completely surrounded by the surging sea, and can only be accessed by a wooden staircase from the Clifftop. That’s not all! The “Rock” is linked to the Cliff Bar by a zip line enabling the staff to send down bottles of ice cold champagne in a basket along with mouthwatering canapes.

Well, we are sold. We’re booking our ticket to St. Lucia now.

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