The V&A is pushing all our geeky buttons. For one late night only, radical video games are powering up all over the V&A. There’s a whole host of activities afoot – from flying your own spaceship to competing in eSports tournaments and being amazed by animated city models.

This Friday 28th August, State of Play are bringing us the doll houses of our wildest childhood dreams.

These beautiful scaled down worlds form the puzzle adventure game, Lumino City. Ten feet high, the city environments are created from wood, paper, miniature lights and electric motors. We cannot wait to see these beautiful whimsical structures standing proud in the V&A’s Grand Entrance.

Lumino City
Race you to the top.
Nobody sneeze.

It’s high alert at Unmissable HQ for the next installation. You can fly your own spaceship. You can take on the universe and dodge asteroids, planets and comets to man your own space craft.

In a painted black caravan spaceship simulator you and two of your fellow astronauts extraordinaire will lead the LHS Bikeshed to infinity and beyond.

V&A Pushing Buttons
Houston, we have a problem. Where are all the crew?!

Bringing you back down to Earth, you can tap into your competitive side when Hearthstone will bring eSports to life. Played by over 30 million people globally, you get a chance to participate in this cultural phenomenon.

And to ensure the tension is palpable in these mini tournaments, there will be commentary from Electronic Sports League professionals. Just to keep you on your toes.

Lumino City

The fabulous Wild Rumpus are also making an appearance in the Medieval and Renaissance Galleries, and if this rain goes away, the Gardens. Wild Rumpus like to mix partying and gaming to produce late night arcade-style parties that are gloriously weird and wonderful.

They’ve made a playable arcade of independent multiplayer videogames, so if you were maybe a tad responsible for crashing your spaceship earlier you have a chance to redeem some pride.

V&A Pushing Buttons
Image by Robin Baumgarten

Within the incredible V&A Lates series – and not just because you can man a spaceship – we really think the V&A have unlocked their highest level with Pushing Buttons.

Beautiful header images by illustrator Laura Callaghan and Lumino City.

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