My Unmissable® series.

Tell us a little bit about daily life at Unmissable® HQ. 

In a word: varied.  No two days are the same.  We can be looking at the most unique place to eat oysters one minute and then researching how to surf down the side of an active volcano the next.  Finding the extraordinary is our passion and drives most of our conversations in the office…

What make Unmissable® different and how does it inspire your campaign ideas?

Unmissable® isn’t about the run of the mill experiences.  It’s about the most incredible and unique experiences that the world has to offer, experiences so exclusive to that location that you’d travel somewhere you’d never even considered visiting just to witness, take part or simply be near them.  When it comes to our campaigns, it offers us 2 things: consumer insight (via the Unmissable® ratings on the content side) and the wow factor, both of which ensure that activity stands out from the crowds and offers our clients a prize that people genuinely want to win.

What Unmissable® experience do you tell everyone about?

There are so many Unmissable® experiences that I genuinely love such as the Underwater Hotel in Zanzibar, the Polar Bear safari in Canada, Whale Shark diving in Australia, travelling to the heart of Langjökull glacier in Iceland, skydiving over Everest… I could talk these for days but my absolute favourite has to be Soneva Kiri in Thailand.   This amazing resort boasts some very unique features such as an observatory and an open-air cinema but the real Unmissable® factor here is the dining room – a treepod which (once you’re seated) is winched high into the tree’s where you eat with the most incredible view of the sun setting over the sea.  As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the waiters serve your meal via zipline!  There’s only one treepod on resort and it’s the only one in the world (that I know of) so this makes it a truly Unmissable® experience.

Unmissable® experiences don’t have to be in far-away places, do you have an Unmissable® local experience that you like to share?

The Rooftop Film Club.  If you want to see a movie sitting on a rooftop high above the bustle of London then this is the Unmissable® experience for you.  It’s better than a regular cinema because: a) you get your own set of wireless headphones so won’t hear people rustling popcorn or chatting; b) you sit in very comfy deckchairs with blankets if you’re chilly and ponchos if it decides to rain; c) the views around you are stunning; and d) the film choices are awesome – this season’s eclectic offering includes Vertigo, Mary Poppins, Back to the Future, Rogue One, Fantastic Beasts, Lego Batman, True Romance… the list goes on and even includes a Frozen Singalong and Grease Singalong!

You get to look at incredible places every day. What is your personal Unmissable® destination? Any insider tips?

I’d say the Isles of Scilly are well worth a visit.  A quick 15-minute flight from Land’s End and you’re on an archipelago boasting its own microclimate where the average winter temperature is a balmy 10C and the summer highs hit the late 20’s.  Constantly.  With their white sand beaches, azure blue seas and an abundance of palm trees, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were in the Caribbean. I didn’t believe it until I went myself, it’s one of the most chilled out and relaxing places I’ve ever visited.  But the real draw here, other than the incredible beaches, is that the islands are home to some of the friendliest seals in the world… If you’re after a great spot to watch the sunset then head to Juliet’s Garden Restaurant on St Mary’s for drinks on the terrace which overlooks the bay.  If you’re a golfer, St Mary’s Golf Course is also worth a visit… challenging with some of the holes precariously close to the cliffs edge, it’s easy to be distracted by the stunning sea views.

What is your favourite London spot?

It’s so tough to nail it down to just one place in London that I would call a favourite.  I love the vibrancy of Brick Lane and the surrounding Shoreditch area (including the rooftop pool of Shoreditch House, a must visit for summer if you can get in!), I have an on-going love affair with Soho’s nightlife but one of my favourite London spots in the summer is Somerset House Terrace.  Open from April until September and overlooking the Thames with views stretching both left towards the City and right towards Westminster Palace; Somerset House Terrace is the perfect place for al fresco cocktails with a perfect view.

Which country must you absolutely visit next?

Japan has definitely worked its way up my life goal list over the past 6 months.  I’ve always thought it looked like a great destination but recently it’s been ticking all the right boxes and is definitely on the hotlist for 2017.  From the hustle of Tokyo to the calm of Kyoto, Japan’s cities are so diverse that the country truly offers something Unmissable® for everyone.  A definite must see for me are the snow monkeys in the Japanese Alps: the Japanese macaque are the only monkeys able to live under extreme cold weather conditions going as low as -10°C.  To survive the wintery cold, these clever monkeys have learnt to make use of the hot springs where they spend most of the winter looking like they’re on a spa day. (Read more here)

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

If you ever find yourself at a loose end in Las Vegas, head to the Peppermill, a restaurant and cocktail lounge on the Strip.  Seriously, you don’t want to miss this place, it’s pretty much unchanged since opening in 1972 and the word kitsch doesn’t even cover it, it’s amazing.  It’s Vegas on acid with more neon lighting than you could dream of, complete with sunken neon fire pit for added 70’s ambiance. I was served by a waitress (who looked like she was a member of their original staff) wearing a floor length sequined cocktail dress tottering in high heels across a black deep pile shag carpet… it was everything.  I would highly recommend the Scorpion – their signature 64oz cocktail.  It helps to know how to convert US into UK measurements – I learnt the hard way that this is almost 2 litres of cocktail (I say it like it’s a bad thing).  As they say themselves: this is as Vegas as Vegas gets.