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Dive into paradise in Bora Bora and swim away with a pearly souvenir


Dive into Tahitian waters and see if you can come away with a perfect black pearl. What a perfect luxury prize to take home from an unforgettable holiday!

Unmissable Experience:

Are you looking a for a luxury prize that will really wow your consumers? Why not let them dive into paradise in Bora Bora and swim away with the most incredible pearly souvenir? This once in a lifetime experience will have your lucky winner diving into aquamarine blue waters and extracting a perfect black pearl. Along with a stay in dream-like Bora Bora, this will no doubt be your most memorable promotion.


Bora Bora, Leeward Islands, French Polynesia


  • Empty Nesters |

  • Female skew |

  • Generation X |

  • Millennials |

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