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A luxury top prize that gives ‘marooned on an island’ a whole new meaning


Take a dip in the aquamarine waters of Belize from your own luxury private island. Dine on local specialities prepared by a roster of guest chefs. Swim with whale sharks. And enjoy luxurious spa treatments. There’s no better way to excite your consumers than with this private island prize.

Unmissable Experience:

In the heart of Belize’s Barrier Reef hides an island fringed with white sand beaches. For the most exclusive, luxury island top prize look no further than this oasis in the turquoise waters of Belize.  The island jewel harbours a private sanctuary – an elegant villa designed for two couples. Featuring every amenity, you would want from a full-service luxury resort. This is a perfect fusion of privacy and service and includes all meals, activities, helicopter transfer from Belize City. Here is your chance to experience the world’s most private island.




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