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Thrill nature lovers with a prize to tour a King Penguin colony on South Georgia


Engage and thrill nature lovers with a prize to see penguins on the island of South Georgia in the South Atlantic.

Unmissable Experience:

If you’re looking for a nature reward with a difference then consider offering this once-in-a-lifetime a prize to tour a King Penguin colony on South Georgia.  Home to almost a million King Penguins, the second largest in the world after the Emperor Penguin. This remote island in the South Atlantic is also home to colonies of elephant seals, around 2 million macaroni penguins and is a breeding ground for the Wandering Albatross which has largest wingspan of any bird at 2.5m across.  This is the perfect way to reward a nature loving high performer or excite your consumers and tap into the nation’s obsession with Sir David Attenborough’s wildlife shows.


South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands


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