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Reward your top performer with an escape to the edge of the world


Stay in a luxury hotel on the edge of the world. Enjoy a cocktail chilled be iceberg fragments as you watch icebergs float by day and gaze at a million stars at night.

Unmissable Experience:

If you have one personal you want to reward with an ultimate escape from stress and worldly pressure, this luxury experience is perfect! This is an incredible place at the end of the world, to perch at the end of a long day (or year). Fogo Island Inn in eastern Canada, where you can gaze out at the North Atlantic Ocean from your suite, perched on stilts above the rocky coastline. A perfect reward for someone in need of a perfectly stunning place to rest.


Fogo Island Inn, Joe Batt's Arm, Newfoundland, Canada


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  • Generation X |

  • Millennials |

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