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Give a gift of adventure with a scuba dive experience in New Zealand


Discover an incredible underwater world in New Zealand’s Bay of Islands. Explore a shipwreck that is also a living reef, and home to all manner of marine life. A surefire way to elevate your campaign!

Unmissable Experience:

New Zealand is one of the world’s favourite destinations for adventure experiences. Give your audience a chance to discover this incredible land and the world under the sea. This prize includes everything an adventurous soul craves with a highlight of a dive into a shipwreck in the Bay of Island. Go looking for nocturnal fish hiding in the ship’s cabins, stunning coral, stingrays, Golden Snapper, Kingfish, John Dory, dwarf scorpionfish, moray eels, goatfish, bigeyes, and leatherjackets, among other things.


Bay of Islands, New Zealand


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