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Take an unforgettable swim with 20 million rays of sunshine


Spend a day swimming with Golden Jellyfish in Palau. And don’t worry, they don’t sting! An incredible top prize adventure you’ll never forget.

Unmissable Experience:

Are you looking for the most unforgettable experience to motivate your staff with? What about swimming in a lake brimming with 21 million jellyfish? Don’t worry they’re completely harmless! After all, they’ve been cut off by the sea 10,000 years ago. And with no predators after them, these jellyfish have lost their stings. All the better for the adventurous travellers eager to take a swim with these rays of sunshine.


Jellyfish Lake, Koror, Palau


  • Empty Nesters |

  • Generation X |

  • Millennials |

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