Want to write for Unmissable®? We’re always in search of not only the most incredible experiences, but also the most amazing contributors.

We feature unforgettable, often once-in-a-lifetime, experiences from around the world. The things that make life more inspiring, make it more exciting and make us happier.

Before you submit an article, please read the following carefully. Then, when you’re ready, email us your contribution.

What makes something Unmissable®?

Everyone’s idea of an Unmissable® experience is different. It could be a polar bear safari, a private tour of the Sistine Chapel or watching the Northern Lights in Iceland. It’s that unexpected ‘thing’ that gets you excited and makes you think ‘I have to tell someone about this’.

If you submit an article, please make sure to follow the following guidelines:

  • Articles are between 400-500 words
  • Must feature a unique experience
  • Must be well-written
  • Must fit the tone of the website
  • Must include 6-8 high resolution images

All articles are edited for house-style. Because pictures are worth a thousand words, we ask that you include at least 6 high resolution (at least 1000px) images to accompany the article. One link to your website can be included in the writer profile.

Our audience

Unmissable® is aimed at a gender split audience aged 25-45. Our target audience want to enjoy an experience rather than spend money on something material. They’re busy, their time is important so they want to be smart with their time and know that they’re experiencing something incredible.

We also want readers to vote and share Unmissable® experiences and become part of the global Unmissable community of ‘experience chasers’.

Finally, we want their employers to discover and treat them to our experiences as part of their staff incentive or reward programmes. We really are reinventing the way businesses understand and motivate their employees, with truly Unmissable® rewards 

Topics of interest

We’d love to see contributions about anything that you think is ‘Unmissable’ around the world. Anything out of the ordinary that gets your adrenaline going and makes you want to get out and do it now. Here are some guidelines to get you started:

  • Our travel section will always be about experience over destination. It’s very much ‘you have to do this amazing thing and you can do it here’
  • Adrenaline-filled experiences that our daredevil adventure audience will love
  • Foodie experiences where the food is not the only thing that stands out
  • Ultimate relaxation getaways where our readers can dream of escaping their daily routines
  • The most life-changing events that our readers have to put on their Top 10 list
  • Anything where nature and wildlife are the highlight

What’s next?

Once you’ve submitted your article, we’ll get back to you with proposed edits and/or changes if there are any within a week. We will then schedule your article for the following month.